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Toni Huata
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Toni Huata
Toni Huata joins the ranks of composers and performers taking the unique sound of Aotearoa to the world....Confidently blending both Maori and non-Maori worlds, Toni has captured sounds and feelings from the past, while mixing them with todays international influences.
Toni's music, which can be heard on her debut album Te Maori E, has deep spiritual roots. A culmination of being raised with the traditions, Maori culture and song. Te Maori E is a story retold in music inspired by her late father, Te Okanga Huata.
Toni Huata will be performing day and night shows of "Maui - One Man against the Gods" and will make a special appearance & performance at the Ball for you.

"MAUI - One Man against the Gods"
...a bold, new production to
have its world premiere at the Westpac St James Theatre in Wellington (from May 25 - June 5 2005)
Maui tells the story of a legendary hero whose epic
adventures include fishing up the North Island,
capturing the sun, and seeking the source of fire.
A gripping combination of kapa-haka, sensual
contemporary dance and the emotional and spiritual
intensity of the Maori culture, Maui takes you on a
journey into a world of Gods, underwater creatures,
volcanic fury and illustrates a man's guile with his
confrontations against Hine Nui Te Po: the Goddess of
Wellington Season: St James Theatre 25 May - 5 June.
Premium $80
A Reserve $65
B Reserve $50
C Reserve $35
Book at Ticketek: Ph 04 384 3840 or
Conceived by Tanemahuta Gray, musical score by composer
Gareth Farr and choreographed by Merenia Gray, this is a
show for all ages that aims to unite all the cultures and bring Aotearoa New Zealand to the theatrical fore.
The show lists an exciting lineup of Aotearoa's best theatre talent with lead role characters Tamati Te Nohotu (Maui), Toa Waaka (Tama nui te Ra), Mere Boynton (Taranga)
and Toni Huata (Hine nui te Po).

Toni Huata